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Old Photo Restoration Guide

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Photos help us relive our past memories. If they appear unclear, there is a concern, as over time, they might gradually fade, leaving your memories stuck in the past. The reality is that old photos lose clarity due to natural aging and damages such as tearing, ripping, water, fire, etc. Fortunately, old and damaged photos can be restored to their original state through photo restoration.

What is Restore Photos?

Restore Photos is an online tool for restoring old photos, making it easier to fix blurry or damaged parts. While photo restoration has been around for years, Restore Photos, as a modern photo editing tool, makes the process more accessible, allowing anyone to enhance the quality of old images.

How does Restore Photos charge?

100% Free

How long does Restore Photos take to complete the restoration?

Due to server limitations, the waiting time may be slightly delayed, generally taking 30~3 minutes to complete the restoration.

Can you download the restored results from Restore Photos?


Is privacy preserved after submitting photos?

Most online restoration services ensure user privacy. We are no exception. Photos are typically used only for restoration purposes and are deleted 7 days after the restoration is completed.

What types of photo files does Restore Photos support?

Supports png, jpg, and jpeg.

Is there a size limit for uploading old photos to Restore Photos?

Supports photos up to 4MB.

Will the resolution change after restoration in Restore Photos?

The resolution will remain the same.

In what format can you download the photos after restoration in Restore Photos?

The restored photos can be downloaded in png format.

Will the restored photos from Restore Photos have watermarks?

No watermarks on the restored photos.

Can restored photos from Restore Photos be used for commercial purposes?


Can you cancel a restoration request after submitting the photos?

Cancellation is not supported. Once the restoration begins, please refrain from refreshing the browser, as it may result in the loss of uploaded photos and restoration records.

Does Restore Photos provide customer support?

If you have questions, you can send an email to ethansunray@outlook.com, and I will respond as soon as possible.

Can Restore Photos be used on iPhone and Android?

Certainly, simply open Restore Photos in your mobile browser to restore old photos.

Does Restore Photos support batch restoration of multiple photos?

Currently not supported.


Restore Photos not only breathes new life into these precious visual memories but also connects future generations to their past. It encourages cherishing the moments captured by ancestors. If you have photo restoration needs, give it a try. Hopefully, it can assist you.